There are 2 types of people.Those that are aging… and those that are decaying.

That’s what I’ve learned in several years of education inside health and fitness field. When I check out this rabbi’s prayer, I knew I had found my mantra: “Let me not die while I’m still alive.”

Indeed, how should we be alive inside the best possible way?

Everything gathered when I began checking neurology in our brains.

That’s where many fitness programs crash: they overlook the totality from the brain’s role inside our lives.

The mental faculties are a predictive system aimed towards one thing: And honestly, for this reason I’m inside the business of aging, not decaying. To make predictions and decisions, your brain uses the systems of perception or, if you’ll, data input-vision, balance, and movement.

How important is process? In short, it’s everything! When the mind can’t predict accurately because input is corrupt or it does not match the expectation, it stops us from doing things. It freezes muscles, or sends us messages from the form of pain, weakness, fatigue, nausea, vertigo, migraines, dizziness, tension, inflexibility-ever had any one of these?

Sometimes your brain can’t predict because joints are jammed maybe from an overload of exercise. Or even tho it’s a broken balance system or loss of some part of vision.

Turns out, we don’t see with his eyes. We see with your brains-and vision consumes the largest number of real estate in this brains-it’s THAT crucial that you our predictive ability, ie, our survival. Eyesight isn’t what’s seen. It’s being aware is seen. And because our vision controls around 70% of the postural activities, if any component of eyesight is unclear, it affects movement somewhere, somehow.

The best part about it is you can improve every one of these systems and we can easily also train their integration. This makes as their pharmicudical counterpart’s output, and then the body’s output, clear and strong.

Which is just how I avoid dying while I’m still alive. It turns out, aging or decaying is often a choice.

We usually are not like any other gym. We use education that can help our clients age well. We train the mind which trains one’s body. We’re inside the business of aging, not decaying.

Our Three Pillars Strong program will improve vision, balance and movement. This Small Group Personal Training program is very specialized and customized and works IN CONJUNCTION with ANY workout program.

What do you think?

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