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Women face a lot of stress in their life. They are required to play multiple roles. Switching between those roles takes a lot of energy and strength. Many women manage to do it effectively, but some of them surrender to situations and feel stressed out. Many find a way out of it, but a large portion succumbs to various addictions. The trauma caused due to stress from managing all the roles efficiently takes a toll on their life.

There was a need for a private drug rehab centered on women. It is always seen that people are more open and na�ve while surrounded by the same sex people. Thus, the idea of women’s addiction treatment center came into existence. Sober living by the Sea, with its 23 years of exhaustive experience in treating various kinds of addictions, established the Rose rehab. It is a private, luxurious Victorian type house. It is equipped with all the top class facilities and highly skilled professional staff. We have a 30- 90 day treatment programs, which leads our clients to live a life of sobriety. Various activities, such as yoga, sports and outdoor activities are conducted for the self esteem boosting. Other than this various therapeutically activities such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Resolution, Hypnotherapy etc. too are conducted. We not only deal with the addiction recovery, but also enhance the mental, spiritual, psychological well being of the newly sobers.

Through near constant therapeutic activities, women who are in treatment at The Rose will learn about their addiction and build a support system that will allow them to achieve long term abstinence from drug or alcohol abuse. The Rose has a very dynamic daily schedule because we are committed to restoring health and balance to the woman who seeks our help. Our base line for the treatment is all encompassing. We support our clients physically, mentally with all our state- of- art technology and expertise. At the same time we indulge their families for an extended support outside the rehab for ensuring no relapses. We believe that family plays a vital role in any situation. The strongest support can be gained from this front. Hence we educate the families of our clients on behavioral patterns towards the addicts. This ensures a long lasting recovery and no chances of getting back to addiction.

{Successful Drug Addiction Recovery With Drug Addiction Treatment Minnesota


Drug dependence is a very common problem of the society especially treatment centers that offer Drug Rehab for patients. As what Drug Addiction Treatment Minnesota would say, early drug abuse helpcan prevent drug addiction from getting worse. Learning to accept that you need a professional help from Drug Rehab center will help you recover easier. In fact, individuals who asked for treatments from rehabilitation centers are able to recover and end their addiction at an earlier time. As drug addiction is curable, a lot of treatments now are available in Drug Addiction Treatment Minnesota that will help save many lives of those people who became victims of the addiction. People should know that drug abuse is illegal. Some people know it but, still continue to use it. The false impression of many patients towards drug addiction makes them start the experimentation of the substance which causes the addiction. If you feel any signs of substance compulsion, it is never too late to be cured. Seek for help to the nearest addiction treatment center to easily address your condition. Because of the curiosity of individuals, especially the teenagers, many fall to drug dependence. What will prevent the addiction from happening is to know its negative effects to the human health asmentioned by Drug Rehabcenters. This is made possible by Drug Addiction Treatment Minnesota as they are without a doubt giving effective medications to all patients who need help. Aside from this, themedical doctors and staffs inside the Drug Rehab center ensure that the patients are able to recover easily and comfortably. Medical doctors and staffs build a communication with the patient for them to beable to easily identify what cause the addiction of the patients. Rehabilitation centers also communicate with the family and friends of the patients so that; they can inform them of the status of the recovery ofthe patients. Abstinence is the most important thing that patients in Drug Addiction Treatment Minnesota should learn. The patient should be able to apply this learning once they are discharged from the Drug Rehab center. Some patients who failed to achieve a successful recovery are due to their inability to abstain from the substance. The application of the recovery of the patient will start once they are outside of thefacility again. That’s why some patients would ask for outpatient medication to support their abstinence over the substance. The success of the patients’ recovery will also depend on what rehabilitation center he chooses. Drug Addiction Treatment Minnesota provides the best sets of treatments and medications that will aid the patients in achieving a complete recovery. Drug Recovery Minnesota sees to it that the patients are comfortable with the treatments by providing professional doctors and staffs that will assist the patientsinside the Drug Rehab center. The medical doctors and staffs are very dedicated in serving the patients with utmost treatments and recovery programs that will be beneficial in their addiction recovery. DrugRecovery Minnesota is built for the patients who are willing to be treated. We will become your guide to achieve a better and healthier life.