With all that should happen from the womb, it’s amazing that anyone is ever born in any way.

~Coleman Haggerty, CP~

William was given birth to in the usual strategy to the delight of his family, relatives as well as their friends. He appeared like a beautiful choosing and everyone rejoiced. On his second day of life a nurse found him gray and crying in the high-pitched tone indicating distress. His caregivers switched into emergency mode and immediately transferred him for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The staff assessed him and conducted tests to rule out essentially the most likely reasons behind his distress. The tests were all made a comeback normal. He stabilized and returned to looking and acting as being a healthy baby.

When your baby is born most of us expect or perhaps hope that no difficulties will arise. When a crisis arises for just a newborn, we suddenly face the fragility of life. Babies are delicate and require a great deal of protection. We all take on that. But how should we react when a child is faced with a mysterious threat? We want to do that which you can but we do not know might know about can do. We are left to count on the health workers and prayers to God that can help the baby with the crisis.

I once heard a sermon by Father Brendan Breen reminding us that whatever perform ripples out throughout the world with effects on everyone. We obviously don’t affect the whole world directly. What we all do, whether positive or negative, affects those that come into exposure to us. Our actions affect those who are in contact with us and modify their outlook on life along with their actions toward others, again for better or worse. Then those we have now affected give to others what they’ve gained or lost from other experience with us. In that way we all have been connected, while we will never meet the majority of people we affect indirectly.

As I just mentioned, we have a tendency to see babies as fragile and helpless. Yet William has recently had a wide-reaching influence on many people almost all of whom he’ll never meet. As word of his distress spread from his family to friends, individuals that were told of him gained a way to turn their thoughts and prayers in their direction. All of these people got to be able to consider the fragility, wonder and relationship with others most of us share.

Thank you William for helping many of us to stay connected and human. Good health to you personally. We look forward to seeing what sort of rest of your daily life enriches us.

Life Lab Lessons

Treasure the lives of the you love.
Show them you care every chance you obtain.
Care by yourself. You are precious to others.
Care for anyone you don’t know if you have the chance.
Remember that we’re all part of the human community.

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