Over my 35 years in chiropractic practice I have noted that individuals work hard! Whether it be an actual construction or factory job, in healthcare being a nurse, hygienist, technician or health aide or sitting hard at a desk, these activities will have a harmful relation to the body. Many people who work extended hours who have musculoskeletal pain may be helped with chiropractic care. With a little foresight and prudence many painful musculoskeletal conditions could be avoided. Prevention is paramount!

Just today, I are already speaking to a 74-year-old retired plumber who had been not my patient. He said he had already had back surgery, open-heart surgery, diabetes causing neuropathy of his feet together with a severely arthritic knee. He said he’d worked from age 16 before the age of 60 when he retired. I asked him if he’d ever attended a chiropractor anf the husband said he not. It forced me to speculate the amount of better his health would’ve been had he been under chiropractic care from the moment he started his vocation.

I have several patients who’ve worked for many years at extremely physical jobs and patients who also work for years at sedentary jobs who’ve very few medical problems. There are several important aspects that they note have helped them maintain a sound body when others into their professions have declining health. These factors include getting adequate sleep, consuming food to fuel their body, not feed their emotions, and having regular chiropractic care. Many of these patients have learned to me a minimum of monthly for years. They are not coming over to me for pain or symptoms, they are coming over to keep their spine in good alignment and moving properly. This helps keep their backs strong and also be less subject to stress and injury.

Chiropractic care is perhaps great at relieving neck, mid back and upper back pain. However, many individuals choose to utilize chiropractic care past the initial alleviation phase and continue on to periodic maintenance care and perform simple stretching and strengthening exercises in the home to sustain their health. This is a lot like traversing to a dentist regularly to help keep one’s teeth healthy or taking a yearly blood test to hook possible health conditions in the early stages. It is wise for many who work extended stays to have chiropractic care to attenuate musculoskeletal pain that comes about over a use of work.

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