In the drug culture there are people who have contracted the virus that is HIV+. These people still have relationships with other people. The question are you one of these people? Just between me, you and the lamp-post. There is also the phenonmena of co-dependence. Meaning you are not using alcohol and drugs but a relative or a paramour is. Unwittingly you are supporting the habit not that you mean to but it is a part of your make up because you love this person. Now, I know that this is a touchy subject but the only way to do anything about it, is to confront it and be honest. You see there is help in both cases whether it is one or both. The affect is how you respond to the person who is using or the person who is HIV+. In both cases if not handled properly it is a downward spiral, a complex set of circumstances that almost make the affected person feel as though they are infected or addicted and they are not. In the case of the HIV+ person, You the affected but not infected should without a doubt practice safe sex. There are numerous cases of affected people continuing their relationship but not becoming infected. A high profile case is Magic Johnson and his wife, just to make the point that it can be done. In the person who affected by someone else’s addiction. There is a group called Al-Anon who are expert in detailing the what to do and what not to do, so that you do not become someone who would turn into an enabler. Meaning you unintentionally help the addict to continue in the addictive behavior even though it breaks your heart. Here is a case scenario. An alcoholic goes into rehab. He stays for the extended period and gets sober. He goes home an all is well. One evening while watching the football game. The wife brings him a beer and a shot of whiskey.———Why? Because she has not learned another way to treat her newly sober husband. Here again is where Al-Anon come in. The wife should openly attend and learn some things as the husband openly attends Alcoholic Anonymous The affected person needs to learn a new way to live with the infected significant other or continue to perpetuate and support the condition unknowingly. What do you suggest?

What do you think?

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