Both state and federal support are increasing when it comes to using of medical cannabis for treating various health conditions. Today, most doctors will easily prescribe you cannabis so that you can handle numerous chronic issues such as severe back pain, glaucoma as well as cancer.

According to most statistics, the support for medical marijuana use is increasing,and more than 70% of U.S. citizens are in favor to allow the consumption and use if the doctor recommends it, of course.

Nowadays, both production and use of medical marijuana are legal across the USA,and this particular movement will expand in the next few years so that we can expect federal legalization.

The main problem that comes with legalization of weed happens to employers because they are not sure whether drug tests are valid or not. It is crucial to create an appropriate company policy that will allow you to regulate your employees.

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How Should You Respond to Employee Inquiries About Medicinal Cannabis Usage?

When your employees come to you and ask you whether they are allowed to consume prescribed weed, some employers would say that it is prohibited and that stoner employees are not allowed.

That is the worst thing that you can do because states are creating firewalls of protection in which people that have these prescriptions are considered as disabled. Therefore, you should ask the employee to describe everything beforehand.

The idea is to respect their right to privacy during the discussion and try to talk only about medical issues that are reasons why he/she is consuming cannabis on a daily basis.

However, the main problem that happens among employers is that they have a stigma around this particular issue. You should have a legitimate interest so that you can ensure that everyone who consumes certain medications can perform tasks that you require them to.

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It is highly reasonable for most employers to insist on banning weed flowers and consumption of them. The main problem is that state laws tend to dictate whether employers can allow people to work under these conditions.

If you have a zero-tolerance policy, you can do whatever you think is relevant for your business. For instance, in Colorado, in which weed is also legalized, the employers do not have to tolerate medical marijuana, and they can fire someone without any excuse.

You Should Set Workplace Policy

The best way to protect your business and avoid any liability issues is by setting a workplace drug policy that will help you along the way. It is also important to revise it based on the latest regulations that happened in most states following the legalization of cannabis.

It is essential to model the weed policy by using the existing ones such as alcohol policy, in which you will allow people to consume weed in their own time, but coming at work intoxicated is not allowed.

You should also implement consequences of using weed during the working hours,mainly if you operate in states that have permitted recreational weed use.

However, this is a double-edged sword because THC remains in the system for days after consumption, so even if an employee consumed it in free time, he/she would fail it during the working hours.

That is the main reason why cannabis testing is still controversial for both employees and employers.

Ban the Usage Completely

Some employers think that the best way to fight against drug abuse is by creating a policy in which they are entirely banning the consumption of weed, even if it is legal. However, this could be a problem and can generate employee issues.

Instead of banning it altogether, you should focus on regulating behavior during the working hours, because this particular approach will respect employee’s need for privacy.

At the same time, if you operate in an industry that requires from employees to be under constant risk, a job with safety concerns such as operating heavy machinery, then you should ban it, and the regulation will be relevant and logical.

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It is crucial for everyone to create a safe working place, which means that you should completely prohibit the use of any drugs. Therefore, you can conduct drug testing’s as well that will protect you against safety issues that may happen due to intoxication.

Even though employers tend to respect the need for privacy during lunchtime and break, you should not allow them to use anything during that time. We recommend you to add weed policy for breaks and lunch because you do not want them to resume working intoxicated.

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