Frontline Plus is a medication used in the treatment of dogs and cats for killing flea and tick. Frontline plus interrupts the central nervous system of the insects and prevent the chloride ions from passing in to the GABA receptor and glutamate receptor of the central nervous system. This medication helps to kill the insects by damaging the nerve and the muscles of the insects. This medication reacts slowly, it lure the insects and makes the insects to spread the chemical thought the body of the animals. Frontline has the ability to kill all the fleas in the body of an animal within 18 hours but it takes time to kill ticks actually for killing all the ticks it takes 48 hours. Frontline Plus DosageFrontline plus should be used according to the prescription of the veterinary doctor. Check the label of the medication for direction given in the leaflet of medication. In dogs this medication should be used if the dog is 8 weeks or above. The dosages of this medication depend upon the weight of the dogs. Similarly while applying frontline plus in the cat, the cat should be at-least 8 weeks an above. Apply the medication in the skin of the animals. This medication should be kept in the room temperature away from heat, light and moisture. Keep the lid of the medication container tight, do not let the children and the pets miss use it so keep the medication out of reach to them. Side effects of Frontline PlusAll medicines can have side effects. Sometimes they are serious, most of the time they are while undergoing treatment with Frontline plus the patient may experience any side-effects or symptoms which may be due to Frontline plus (whether or not it is mentioned below) please inform your doctor or pharmacist as early as possible. You may need medical treatment if you experience some of the side effects. The most common side effects reported are:itchy feeling, irritation or formation of redness on the skin, stomach or intestinal, feel like scratching, nauseated disorder and puking. Things to be careful of:Tell your doctor or pharmacist as soon as possible if you do not feel well or have an unwanted side effect while you are using Frontline plus. Other InformationPatient having any issue related to the treatment of Frontline plus mediation should seek medical advice so as to clarify the proper uses of this medication.BEFORE YOU USE FRONTLINE PLUS´┐ŻAlmost all of the mediation has some benefit and risk. The patient must ask the doctor the uses and the risk involved to Frontline plus mediation. You must tell your doctor if:The dog is pregnant The dog is nursing the puppiesyou have pancreatitis problemyou are applying other pesticide to the dogthe dog has allergic to the frontline plus}

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